Fango / Cryotherapy


Fango is a cherished musculoskeletal therapy, and is often integrated into a client’s Physiotherapy session . Fango Therapy promotes targeted muscle relaxation, blood circulation and thereby eases acute muscle pain. Fango also promotes a metabolic change in the muscle fibre which aids in nutrient and waste exchange. And as a bonus, the Fango treatment gives the body a chance to regenerate and begin its peaceful healing process for 20 to 30 minutes.

In stillness lies strength.

Fango Treatments are practical, adapt very well to the body, and holds warmth for a long time. And for house call visitations, they are very functional.

Cryotherapy (Cold therapy)

Cold therapy inhibits swelling, relieves pain, improves blood circulation and it influences stress and metabolic rates as the cold restricts blood vessels and reduces blood supply. Once treatment is completed, heat is then applied and causes massive increases in blood flow to the injured area as the vasoconstriction caused by cooling reverses when heat is applied. The increased oxygen flow ensures better performance and faster healing to the injured area.

Applications for cold therapy are broad:

- Edema
- Post-operative
- Post traumatic
- Inflammation
- Rheumatic problems
- Arthritis (acute phase)
- Sports (acute injuries)
- Chronic pain
- Bursitis and tendonitis

The application is carried out by packing the body strategically with ice and/or applying cold compresses to the injured area.

Typical treatment for acute injuries is between 10 – 20 minutes and then usually after three days heat therapy is applied for the same length of time which is determined by your therapist.

People with diabetes or vascular diseases, or experience cold hypersensitivity, or might have bladder or kidney problems are considered high risk patients and therefore are not candidates for Cryotherapy.

Continued treatment may be prescribed by your therapist. Patients will be given a detailed treatment plan to be followed.