Physical means "nature" and therapeia means "serving, the service". The aim of physiotherapy is to maintain or restore motion and functional ability of the body. With a week we begin the detailed medical history. It follows a thorough examination of the musculoskeletal system.

For this we need the first time for a good hour. It is important to find out what changes have led to the statics, mobility, circulation or voltage that complaints have occurred in a joint or other structure. A holistic approach is important for this because the problem does not always occur at the site of the cause.

This functional nature of the finding survey complements the medical diagnosis parking Lung and imaging techniques. Therefore Bring all documents of medical examinations.
Thereafter, a treatment plan is established, which is tailored precisely to the patients concerned. You will also receive a folder with your meetings, exercises the physio Tools program, your desired goals, the course of treatment as well as photos and you can make a note in any questions that will be discussed at the next meeting. You can take the wallet also to your next appointment.

Treatment depends on various factors and usually consists of active and passive therapy. In the active treatment especially of movement and breathing exercises are performed to obtain bodily functions or restore. In passive therapy that is usually used in preparation and support for active therapy, measures of osteopathy, the heat refrigeration and electrical therapy, passive mobilization, classical massage and lymphatic drainage are used.