Hot Stones Therapy

Hot Stones Therapy (Warm Stone Massage). Hot Stone Massage is a unique method which appeals to the body, mind and soul. It combines massage and the application of warm and cold, and the use of warm oils. The combination and application of heat and pressure to the body induces a deep relaxation of tense muscles.

The use of hot stones particularly for ritual and remedial purposes dates back to ancient times from various Asian cultures, North and South America and as far as Hawaii.

In an electric heater set to 60 degrees, the stones made from Basalt are heated by immersing them in water. (The stones have high iron content therefore are able to retain heat for a longer time than normal stones and are pleasant to the body’s skin.) These very same stones can be used to apply cold therapy.
The warmth generated by the stones accelerates the blood circulation which increases oxygen supplied to the muscle fibers. With the combination of heat from the stones and therapists application of pressure, the result is an enhanced sense of well-being and mental balance through the activation of energy sources already belonging to the body.

An hour of rest is crucial and recommended after treatment to reap the full scale benefits of Hot Stone Therapy.