Kinesio Tape

The Kinesio Tape method was developed in the early seventies by renowned, chiropractor and Kinesiologist, Dr. Kenzo Kase from Japan. The Kinesio tape allows for a broad range of application in muscle and joint support. Not only is it used for pain management or joint support, it can be also used in treatment of the lymphatic system.

The adhesive of the tape is applied in a curve form that allows for the continued breathability of the skin which helps improve the metabolic healing. The tape is very compatible to human skin which allows for longer use and has minimal skin irritation. Because KT has the density and elasticity very similar to human skin, literally after a few moments of it being applied you don’t even feel it.
KT is a specialized technology that stimulates the natural healing process (Used on humans as well as horses) of the body. It simulates gentle manipulation of the muscles which is the effect of manual therapy. Not only does KT stimulate the body during movement (sport) but as well as rest. This means support 24 hours a day!

KT is also very helpful for lymphatic treatments, hence ideal in lymphatic drainage.

There are seldom cases of skin irritations; however, if one occurs the tape should be removed immediately and notify your therapist.