Klassische Massage

The classic massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment, achieved by the muscle tension and blood flow and metabolism are activated. It is often combined in combination with heat (eg mud), essential oils and soothing music. Highly relaxing and soothing massage treatments reduce stress hormones and stimulate the release of endorphins, the natural feel-good hormones in the body. The head is free, tensions Physical and mental resolve and energy can flow.

Among the indications of classical massage include tension and strains of muscles, musculoskeletal disorders, metabolic disorders, scarring, tissue adhesions, etc. The main objectives are: quicker recovery, performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Sports Massage

The sports massage activates the circulatory system. The supply of oxygen through the blood is increased. This is very important for the whole muscular work. During muscle work metabolic wastes are formed and partly deposited in the muscles. These lead to rapid fatigue of the muscles.

The effectiveness of the training can be increased. This form of massage plays a special role in the preparation for training and competition and after physical effort to restore performance. At the same time the general well-being of the athlete is encouraged and is therefore an important part of the psychological preparation for a competition.

The statements of the individual handles and the change from one to the other handle run smoothly. They merge into a relentless rhythmic whole. Depending on the desired effect on the diagnosis and condition of the patient and his responsiveness individual handles are coming to the fore and be repeated frequently, while others may be omitted entirely handles. In a sports massage way, there is hardly a full massage, much more useful is the targeted treatment of the claimed parts of the body.